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A Note from the Principal

Welcome to Yokohama!

Yokohama is an ideal location for those from abroad. Minatomirai and Shin-Yokohama districts are business areas where many companies have established offices. Delightful residential areas which offer larger properties can be found in Yamate and Honmoku. With many international schools and sports club facilities, Yokohama has long been a desirable choice for those posted to Japan. Our aim is to further enhance your time here in Japan.

Founded in September 1991 in Honmoku, Bayside Academy has been dedicated to teaching the Japanese language. We have taught a wide range of students: from senior management and their families and staff, families of Embassies and Consulates, students and faculty from local international schools, and those in multi-cultural relationships. Bayside Academy moved to its newly developed premises in 2000 and is now conveniently situated 1 minute from Motomachi Chukagai Station at the foot of Yamate-cho, nearby Yamashita Park and Chinatown.

With Japan’s economic growth over the years, the number of foreigners working in Japan has rapidly increased, and acquiring Japanese language skills has proved to be essential during their stay. You will gain confidence and independence through speaking the language, enabling you to enjoy countless opportunities during your time in Japan. Have you ever felt overwhelmed not knowing what to say, do, or where to go? Now is the time to put an end to the uncertainty and a need to seek help for everything. You will be in control!

We tailor-make our lessons to meet your requirements – Japanese for business conversation, daily conversation for shopping and traveling, introducing Japanese culture and history, preparing for the Japanese Proficiency and other examinations are just a few examples. We would like to help you make the most out of your stay in Japan.

As doctors prescribe a specific medication for each patient, we tailor unique course designs and curriculums to suit each student.

At Bayside, we get to see the world through our students’ eyes. Information and experience are brought to us by teachers and students from all over the world here at the Academy. Varied opinions and different cultures are all respected and valued, providing true international understanding and cooperation on a daily basis.

Over the past 30 years, we have cherished the support extended by so many that have consequently led to Bayside Academy being quoted as their second home in Japan. We have seen over 1000 students during that time from over 50 countries. It is our hope and aims to continue along this path of providing quality education to ensure your time in Japan will be memorable, enjoyable, and happy.

Michiko Ohta

Our History

Bayside Academy was first founded in Honmoku Yokohama by Principal Nobuo Shibuya, in September 1991. 

Since then we have celebrated and practiced speech skills through many opportunities - especially speech festivals and parties!

  December 1994 : Bayside Academy Party

  November 1995 : Speech Festival I          

  November 1996 : Speech Festival II         

  November 1997 : Speech Festival III        

  November 1998 : Speech Festival IV       

  November 1999 : Speech Festival V        

We then relocated to Yamashita-cho in September of 2000, with Makoto Ohta as the Proprietor and Michiko Ohta as Principal. Machiko Kawano was chosen as Deputy Principal and Hiroko Shigeoka as Chief Instructor. 


March 2001  : Speech Festival VI 

                April 2003  : Honmoku Rotary International

                                May 2003    : Speech Festival and Tea Ceremony Party

                                                        May 2005    : 15th Anniversary Party - Speech Festival / Tea Ceremony

       May 2009    : Party - Speech Festival 

Now we have a tradition of having an annual End-of-Term Party in May, which we have commenced every year since 2013.

Why Bayside Academy?

Individually Tailored Courses

As doctors prescribe treatment for each patient, we will design specific courses to fulfil your requirements and wishes. Bayside Academy is your Japanese language doctor!


Variety of Students


Business Class

For those in the corporate environment with a tight schedule, early bird, lunchtime, and evening classes are available. Our teachers can commute to your office for a group lesson with colleagues or for a private class in your own office, or have online classes.

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