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Arrange an Interview

via telephone or email

The Interview

assess the best course design, curriculum and schedule.

Private Lessons / Group Lessons / Special Requests

adjust time, location and goals to accommodate your schedule / commence upon mutual member agreement!


60 Minutes

Group  : ¥4300
Private : ¥6500

90 Minutes

Group  : ¥6450
Private : ¥9750

120 Minutes

Group  : ¥8600  
Private : ¥13000


60 mins : 4500


Group  : ¥2200  
Private : ¥4300

JLPT Course

20 lessons x 55 mins
Group : ¥60000
Private :

Image by Bruno do Val

Please Keep in Mind

Entrance Fee:5000円

Early Bird Lesson(8:00 - 9:00):+500円

Nightowl Lesson(18:00 - 20:00):+500円

Your schedule for the next 1-3 months will be agreed upon with your instructor at the beginning of each month. 

             ・An invoice will be sent out according to the schedule.

             ・A 3 months schedule is preferred, but monthly schedules may be arranged.

Tuition must be paid for in advance prior to lessons commencing


Private lessons only: if attendance at the scheduled time/date cannot be met, please contact the school at least 24 hours in advance. Only then are we able to reschedule your lesson.  


Cancellation on the day will be fully charged. Non-refundable.


Group lessons cannot be canceled.

If your company has specific regulations or procedures regarding payment, we will take this into consideration. 

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